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Peon Staff  

Cosmetic staff adds to the beauty of the school by keeping it spic and span. It is their consistent and tireless efforts which enables the school to be sparkling clean all the time.

Sr.No. Name Designation Date of Appointment Trained / Untrained Probation /  Confirmed  
1 Mr.Rohtash Kumar Peon           01.04.98 Trained Confirmed  
2 Mr.Inderpal Saroj Mali           02.04.01 Trained Confirmed  
3 Mrs.Lajwanti Sweeper            02.04.01 Trained Confirmed  
4 Mrs.Kanta Rani Aaya            02.08.05 Trained Confirmed  
5 Mr.Vinod Kumar Peon            01.04.10 Trained Confirmed  
6 Mr. Sanjay Sweeper         2.4.2007 Trained Confirmed  
7 Mr. Gurmeet Singh Gate Keeper         2.4.2009 Trained Confirmed  
8 Mrs. Baljeet Kaur Sweeper         3.4.2018 Trained Contract  
9 Om Parkash Peon       25.4.2014 Trained Comfirmed  
10 Mr. Vijander Kumar Mali         3.4.2018 Trained Contract  
11 Sh. Jasvir Singh Driver         3.4.2018 Trained Contract  
12 Mrs. Sunita Rani W/o Sohne Lal Sweeper         3.4.2018 Trained Contract  
13 Mrs. Sunita Rani W/o Raj Kumar Aaya         3.4.2018 Trained Contract  
14 Mrs. Raj Kumari Sweeper         3.4.2018 Trained Contract  
15 Sr. Paramjeet Singh Watchman         3.4.2018 Trained Contract  
16 Mr.Aman Sweeper         3.4.2018      Trained Contract  
17 Mrs.Parveen Lata Aaya         2.4.2018 Trained Contract  
18 Mrs.Aarti Gupta Sweeper     10.10.2018 Trained Contract