• All the students must possess school diary, notebooks, textbooks, stationery etc
  • Students are advised not to bring valuable articles to the school. The school will not be responsible for loss of any such article.
  • School bus users must strictly observe the rules of transport.
  • Application for leave must be submitted a day in advance. It should be countersigned by the parents otherwise a fine of Rs. 2 per day will be charged.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school during working hours until or unless some emergency is there & in this case also students will be sent only if the parents will show the permission card.
  • School Identity Card must be with the students on all working days.
  • Any damage to the school property by the student will have to be compensated by the parents.
  • The school reserves the right to take stern action or even strike off the name of the students from the school rolls who are found guilty of misconduct.
  • Students should obey house captains and other students on duty.
  • Students should be regular in attendance and never be late to the school.
  • Students must come in proper uniform.
  • They must be neat, clean, and tidy.
  • Non-Sikh boys are not allowed to keep long hair. The girl students are advised not to wear coloured hair pins except black ones. They are not allowed to wear any type of jewellery except very small earings.
  • Student's are not allowed to bring motor-bikes in the school campus, however they can come by bicycle or Autorikshaw or by school van.
Guidelines for Parents


  • Use the school diary as a means of communication with the class teacher and check & sign the diary daily.
  • Sign the test copies and papers as and when sent.
  • See that your ward has all the books, notebook, items of stationery, craft material etc. right in the beginning of the session.
  • Ensure that all the books and notebooks are covered with school covers.
  • Do not borrow old books, especially workbooks.
  • Ensure that your ward comes to school in proper uniform with polished shoes, trimmed hair and clean nails.
  • Both the parents must attend Parents-Teachers meeting.
  • Pay the fee as per schedule.
  • Intimate the school in case of change in address or telephone numbers.
  • Encourage your ward to take part in co-curricular activities.

Dont's -:

  • Do not send the child to school in case of infectious disease and a medical certificate should be furnished from a medical authority at the time of rejoining the school.
  • Do not walk to the classrooms or meet the teachers in the classrooms. Please see the teacher with prior appointment through the principal.
  • Do not visit the teachers at their residence.
  • Do not send money or valuable articles with the students. The School takes no responsibility in case they are lost.
  • School will take strict action against those students who will be absent without leave before the terminal and annual exams on account or preparation for exams. The school will only decide when to free the students for the preparation of the exam
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